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Texas IP Labs was founded to address a need for a robust technical analysis facility providing service to clients at a reasonable rate within a reasonable timeframe. 

Texas IP Labs works with each client to develop a custom plan that meets their specific needs in the most cost effective manner.
Unlike several of our competitors, we do not resell or remarket your investigative results in any form or fashion.

Texas IP Labs professional team brings many years of experience in all aspects of technology licensing. Our team has helped many clients over the years maximize their IP potential.


Download our brochure: TIPL_brochure.pdf (1.5 MB)

  • We Work with You to Develop a Custom Plan
  • We Meet Your IP Support Needs
  • We Provide Experienced IP Professionals
  • We Don't Resell Your Results

Friday, September 25, 2020

Texas IP Labs

Texas IP Labs is an engineering service firm that works closely with intellectual property teams to provide the technical expertise and strategic advice necessary to make the most of a client’s intellectual property assets.


Our clients are comprised of larger technology companies as well as Intellectual Property focused law firms. We provide offensive, defensive, and strategic support.

Our strategic services aid in general licensing decisions as well as market analysis to understand exposure in specific technology areas.


Our core areas of expertise include software, embedded code analysis, systems and mobile technologies.