Their Patents, Your Products

What steps does a company take when they are accused of infringing another’s patent?

Texas IP Labs can help you formulate a technical strategy. Rapid response to assertions can save companies from onerous legal battles or reduce the financial fallout from these battles.

We review the claims of infringement as well as any included documentation and offer technical opinions on their validity.


We provide clients with highly qualified expert witnesses to support depositions and trials.

We can also perform prior art searches here and abroad with our strategic alliances in Japan and Europe.


Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. Our team can investigate potential patent infringement by the plaintiff’s products.


Texas IP Labs works hand in hand with your IP team to implement a sound plan for your defense.

  • We Work Hand in Hand with Your IP Team
  • Strategy Formulation and Rapid Response to Assertions
  • Provide and Support Highly Qualified Expert Witnesses
  • Technical Review of Infringement Claims
  • International Prior Art Searches
  • Investigate Plaintiff's Products for Infringement
  • Research Patents for Procurement to Aid in Dispute Resolution

Friday, September 25, 2020

Expert Witness Resources

When the threat of litigation becomes a reality, you need an experienced expert you can trust behind the scenes and on the stand.


Texas IP Labs has an extensive network of proven expert witness resources to draw from. We work closely with our clients to understand the type of experts our clients are looking for.

We are uniquely qualified in this domain. Our founder has many years experience as an attorney in the licensing field, he personally works with each and every client to insure our search encompasses the widest range of the most applicable professionals.