Many Patents, One Portfolio

Portfolio Analysis is a process of looking at the portfolio of a given company and ranking the individual patents on agreed upon criteria and the portfolio as a whole. 

It is important for a client to have a feel for the value of their portfolio as a basic metric for the company at all times, but it can be especially beneficial under certain circumstances.  


In addition, having a periodic portfolio analysis provides stability and continuity of knowledge by recording the value of patents.  In the absence of a review analysis, one or two internal experts become the defacto repositories of knowledge and leave the company at risk of losing their data if they leave.

  • If entering a new market segment the client will need to be aware of both their own protections and their risk from the most likely competition.
  • If the client is seeking capital or refinancing, a venture firm or bank often wants to know the strength of the Intellectual property of the concern.
  •  If there is a need to justify further development of a licensing program or a patent program.


Friday, September 25, 2020

Portfolio Analysis Vs. Patent Mining

Patent Mining is a close counterpart to portfolio analysis. Once the portfolio analysis is complete, the structure is there to better understand which individual patents are best to be “mined” as an offensive or defensive licensing tool.

Mining can also be used to find patents that might shore up the coverage of a portfolio so that the client can then determine if the patents are available for purchase. Proactive purchase of patents can be much cheaper than investigating in the midst of litigation. We can also help by approaching a patent holder with discretion prior to a purchase.